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Chamber News



2017 was a trying year for Mt. Sterling but in the end, we will survive and become much stronger. Working with Village officials and other organizations, we feel that we will soon help bring village business district back to prosparity. Just over the last year, we have seen shops open in long vacant store fronts with the promiss of more to follow. The Chamber commissioned a grocery specialist to do a feasabilty study on the Village to see if in fact a grocery in Mt. Sterling could thrive. The study has shown that a grocery is needed and would do well. This is, as it has been for the past four years, been one of our primary focus.

Just as important as acquiring a grocery store, keeping our exsisting businesses operating is also at the top of our list. One our goals in 2018 will be to make the downtown business district more inviteing to those passing through our town. Last year, Chamber members known as the Market Crew, filled London street with dozens of street vendors and was highly sucessful. We hope to see more of these in 2018. 

The Village of Mt. Sterling has just completed a new state of the art water plant that will provide high quality drinking water to village residents and businesses. The plant features a membrain filter system and does not use lime as a softener. We have more than doubled our current capacity and with more houses slated to be built in the next year, providing safe pure drinking water will not be an issue. Mt. Sterling has positioned itself capable of handling the expected growth as forcast by IBI and confirmed OWDA.

After the village payed the Madison County Chamber of Commerce more than $ 60,000 prior to 2014, we are hoping to see the same energy and effort put into this village that they have directed towards West jefferson, Plain city and London over the past few year to help attract more industry and businesses to the area. We are the only town in Madison County that has easy and direct access to I-71.